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1-Delivery by Liban Post.

2-Delivery period between 1 and 3 days.

3-Jemayzet Branch is only for retail buyers.

4-Accuracy at work and honesty in timings.

5-You can give any idea you choose and we're ready to do it:

Tshirt - cap - flex - pin - pen - stickers - venyl - crystal - cup - memorial shield -mug -Dish - stone - flags - printing the counties flags and the lebanese flags in all sizes - printing flags for companies and institutions - gilet - cask - jilet phosphoric for the building employees - ballons - Certificates - stress ball - mouse pad - Port de clé - Painting - conva - pillows - props stick - gifts - birthday - wood printing.

6- We commit all election campaigns and celebrations.

Monday to Saturday
Mr. Hassan inaugurated the el soufi silk printing, thermal, and promotional products for business and scout associations, universities and commercial Alassat and schools in Lebanon gave all his efforts for our customers with products of large and larger than that for customer service.   We are a team of experts decking and marketing who are here not only to give you the product you need, but to give you the support and assistance to find the perfect product that matches your goals…

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